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Friday, August 2, 2013

Tees, Please? Of course. But how about some other stuff?

Around here, we're beginning the final countdown to the start of a new school year. Among other things, that means a lot of labeling. Labeling crayons. Labeling glue sticks. Labeling lunch boxes. Then, I decided to try my hand at labeling lunch box containers. They were so much fun, I'd like a reason to make more. 
Lunch containers (square: sandwich, rectangle: divided container)

Back-to-School Lunch Containers
$7-18 (depending on container/ several styles available)
School Supply Box (photo coming soon)
Small $8
Large $12

Have you already purchased containers? Bring me your own lunch container or school supply box and have it personalized for $5 per item.

To order, please email me or call (913) 362-9765.  Items ordered (and containers delivered to Tees, Please) by August 7th will be ready for pick up or delivered by August 10th. 

Divided Container (2 sections) w/ Fire Truck $9

Sandwich container with truck $7

Bento Box Lunch Tote $18

Bento Box Lunch Tote $18

Monogram Clipboard $20 / Double-sided $30
(So many options with these.)

Personalized Water Mug $20
(Remember those great plastic water mug/jugs you got in
the hospital when you had a baby?  THOSE. Only personalized.)

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