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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School

"Back to school". Since I can remember, that phrase has made me happy.  Not because I was a super nerd (maybe), but because this time of year is bursting with potential.. everything is shiny and new. That box of crayons hadn't even been opened.. every color perfect... Pencils were neatly sharpened and I had an "A" in every class. The excitement of finding out who my teacher would be and which friends were in my class. And let's face it, when you're armed with a brand new Trapper Keeper and a batch of Lisa Frank folders, you're pretty much ready to take on the world. 

I'm happy to report that these last couple weeks have been really busy at Tees, Please as I created items that would find their way into classrooms full of that same shiny, new potential.  Tees, Please wishes everyone a fantastic back to school! 

Divided Lunch Container ($9) and Water bottle (double-sided decoration) ($10)

Sandwich container ($7) and Small Snack Container w/freezer insert ($6)

Large Hand Sanitizer ($8)

Small Dry Erase Chore Chart ($15)
Large Dry Erase Chore Chart ($20)

Dry Erase Chore Charts
Super Hero Divided Lunch Container ($9)

Sandwich Container ($7) and Divided Lunch Container ($9)

Bento Box Lunch Tote $18
Bento Box Lunch Tote $18

Personalized Clipboard: Single-Sided ($20)/ Double-Sided $30
(design is placed on bottom of clipboard to maintain a smooth writing surface)

Water Bottle ($10) and Sandwich container ($7)

Sandwich Container ($7) and Small Snack Container w/Freezer Insert ($6)

Preschool Tote Bag $15

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