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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Best Dressed Mermaid Since Ariel

There is a trend (or maybe I'm just now paying attention) of well-dressed birthday boys and girls wearing their new age on their birthday.  This is a trend we'll full embrace here at Tees, Please in celebration of several summer birthdays. 

First, we'll celebrate under the sea with this mermaid who is turning 5.  I love how the batik fabric looks like watercolors.  I hope the little mermaid who will wear this tee has a very happy birthday. 

Mermaid Birthday Tee $20

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Girly Tees

I love orders for girls' tees.  Since I'm a boy mom, I rarely get to indulge my desire to shop for pink, ruffles, flowers, matching accessories, etc.  It's fun to find a use for all the wonderful girl fabric!  I'm still working on a really fun birthday mermaid... I'll post her soon.

Harriett the Hippo (Harriett is the sister of Harold the Hippo.  She travels with a little bird on her shoulder.) 
Harriett the Hippo $18

Flower Power (This is a custom order from a recent school auction.  Thinking this flower would be fun in lots of different fabrics.)

Flower Power Initial Tank (or tee) $18