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Want to order a shirt? Want to request another shirt idea? Want to send pictures of your adorable child wearing a Tees, Please creation? Contact me here: teesbyhm@gmail.com.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"M" is for Monogram

Initials are everywhere. Wouldn't your favorite little man look dapper in a monogrammed tie tee at the Thanksgiving dinner table?

"2 Shades of Grey" Monogrammed Tie Onesie (or tee) $15
A is for Argyle Monogrammed Tie Onesie (or tee) $15 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

You say it's your birthday

We are tickled to help celebrate so many birthdays. Here are a few of the newest designs.  As always, tees can be personalized with different colors, to match a favorite pair of pants or skirt, or with themes that your child loves.  

Vroom! Cars 4th Birthday Tees
$18 (each)
Today's the Day Tee $18

Truckload of Birthday Fun (boy) Tee $18

Truckload of Birthday Fun (girl) Tee $18
Birthday Candles Tee $15 (child not included) 

Girl's First Birthday Cupcake $18
Boy's First Birthday Cupcake $18
Mouse 1st Birthday $18

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Tees

Are you ready for Halloween?  We've got quite the cast of characters over here at Tees, Please... witches stuck in cupcakes, a cool guy named Frank, a pirate pumpkin, and a pretty hairy brother and sister with a bit of an overbite. As always, any design can be made in any size.  Feel free to request custom colors and I'll do my best to grant your wish (Fairy Godmother that I am).  

Last day for Halloween orders will be 10/25 (local).
Captain Jack O'Lantern $15

Wilma the Werewolf $18

Alcide the Werewolf (True Blood, anyone?) $18

Frank(enstein) $15 and Cupcake Witch $15

Witchie Poo Hats $15

Frank(enstien) $15