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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

World Series Bound

Congratulations KC Royals! If you find yourself in need of something to wear as you cheer for the Royals in the World Series, we have a few new designs available.  The first game is Tuesday and we will try to fill as many orders as possible. 

Designs are available on a variety of shirts and colors. Due to the quick turnaround, designs cannot be altered.  When ordering, please message via the Tees, Please Facebook Page or send us an email.  You'll need to list the design, shirt preference (color, size--indicate adult or child size, long/short sleeved, etc.). I will do my best to honor your shirt request and if I can't fill your request (since I won't have time to order shirts), I'll offer you a couple alternatives.  If you have the perfect shirt that needs the Royal treatment, please email me and make arrangements to drop it off.  Pricing will vary based on shirt selection.
I Love the Royals 
(Price varies based upon shirt selection)

Throwback Circle Logo
Design inspired by a 1985 World Series button.
(Pricing will vary based upon shirt selection.)

2014: A Good Year to Be a Royal
(Pricing varies based upon shirt selection.)

Royal Subway Art
This design will look best as a larger design on a tee or on the back of a hoodie.
(Pricing will vary based upon shirt selection.)

I Believe Tee
Note: The tee pictured in this photo is no longer available.
(Pricing will vary based upon shirt selection)

Speed Do
Design available on onesie or tee (see below)
Blue tee: white letters | Grey tee: blue letters
(Pricing will vary based upon shirt selection)

Please see our previous posts for additional designs.  All Royals designs are available but shirts in examples may be out of stock. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Let's Go Royals! (clap clap clap-clap-clap)

How fun is this KC Royals post season? We're having so much fun making tees to celebrate the boys in blue.  We sold out very quickly last week and have placed a rush order on supplies to begin making shirts again on Tuesday (10/6).  

Orders will be accepted on a limited basis for delivery by Thursday (10/8).  Availability of designs, color of tees, and shirts may vary (pricing may vary depending on tee and materials).  Do you have a shirt you already love that needs the Royal(s) treatment? We can do that, too.  Just arrange to drop off your tee by noon on Wednesday. 

Classic Royals Logo Toddler Tee (Size 2T-5T) $18
(This design can be put on other tees-- bands around arms not available) 
Party Like Royalty Tee ($18-$25)
Sizes: Youth XS (4-5) through Adult XL
Colors available: Blue tee (white letters), grey tee (blue letters), white tee (blue letters),
pink tee (white letters, glitter crown)
(Close up of design below) 

Be Royal Tee (Royalty?!?) $18-$25 
Sizes: Youth XS (4/5) through Adult XL
Colors Available: blue tee (white letters), grey tee (blue letters), white tee (blue letters),
pink tee (white letters, glitter crown)
Text Options: "Be Royal", "That's What Speed Do"

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer 2014 (Where I actually post to this site instead for the Tees, Please Facebook page)

In case you've been wondering what happened to Tees, Please, I promise the shop is still up and running.  Awhile back, I started a Facebook page and post pics of items there.  If you're a Facebook user, please "like" the page here.  

Summer 2014 finds the shop busy with birthdays, trips to see the Mouse, and baseball moms. See something you love?  What exactly that only a little different?  We can do that! 

Baseball Mom Tee $20
(When ordering, be sure to note your child's number)

Kid's Baseball Birthday Tee $18

Rock-n-Roll Birthday Tee $18-$20
(see detail below)

Playdoh Birthday Party Tee $18
(Front has logo with child's name, back of shirt is child's age)

Mouse-Bound Tees (girl) $18-$20
(tee on left features glitter bow/ tee on right is a silhouette of Elsa inside mouse ears)
(Additional characters available)
Classic Mouse Tee $18
Mouse Ears Tee with Lightning McQueen silhouette $20
(additional characters available) 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Tees

In addition to the Christmas tees post from last year (check the labels for the link), here are a few new designs for this year.  Tees, Please has been very busy working on Christmas gift orders, but I don't want to post them so that the surprises aren't ruined.  Look for a bunch of "catch up" posts once the holidays are over. 
Oh, "Deer" Tee $18

I Mustache You to Have a Merry Christmas $18

Mustache tee (close up)

What brothers wear to Breakfast with Santa

Sparky! I Found Your Christmas Tee $18

No Diggity. Wrap like a Boss. $18

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School

"Back to school". Since I can remember, that phrase has made me happy.  Not because I was a super nerd (maybe), but because this time of year is bursting with potential.. everything is shiny and new. That box of crayons hadn't even been opened.. every color perfect... Pencils were neatly sharpened and I had an "A" in every class. The excitement of finding out who my teacher would be and which friends were in my class. And let's face it, when you're armed with a brand new Trapper Keeper and a batch of Lisa Frank folders, you're pretty much ready to take on the world. 

I'm happy to report that these last couple weeks have been really busy at Tees, Please as I created items that would find their way into classrooms full of that same shiny, new potential.  Tees, Please wishes everyone a fantastic back to school! 

Divided Lunch Container ($9) and Water bottle (double-sided decoration) ($10)

Sandwich container ($7) and Small Snack Container w/freezer insert ($6)

Large Hand Sanitizer ($8)

Small Dry Erase Chore Chart ($15)
Large Dry Erase Chore Chart ($20)

Dry Erase Chore Charts
Super Hero Divided Lunch Container ($9)

Sandwich Container ($7) and Divided Lunch Container ($9)

Bento Box Lunch Tote $18
Bento Box Lunch Tote $18

Personalized Clipboard: Single-Sided ($20)/ Double-Sided $30
(design is placed on bottom of clipboard to maintain a smooth writing surface)

Water Bottle ($10) and Sandwich container ($7)

Sandwich Container ($7) and Small Snack Container w/Freezer Insert ($6)

Preschool Tote Bag $15