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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer 2014 (Where I actually post to this site instead for the Tees, Please Facebook page)

In case you've been wondering what happened to Tees, Please, I promise the shop is still up and running.  Awhile back, I started a Facebook page and post pics of items there.  If you're a Facebook user, please "like" the page here.  

Summer 2014 finds the shop busy with birthdays, trips to see the Mouse, and baseball moms. See something you love?  What exactly that only a little different?  We can do that! 

Baseball Mom Tee $20
(When ordering, be sure to note your child's number)

Kid's Baseball Birthday Tee $18

Rock-n-Roll Birthday Tee $18-$20
(see detail below)

Playdoh Birthday Party Tee $18
(Front has logo with child's name, back of shirt is child's age)

Mouse-Bound Tees (girl) $18-$20
(tee on left features glitter bow/ tee on right is a silhouette of Elsa inside mouse ears)
(Additional characters available)
Classic Mouse Tee $18
Mouse Ears Tee with Lightning McQueen silhouette $20
(additional characters available) 

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