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Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Now that spring is in the air (and summer isn't far behind), I'm getting to work on a new collection of tees for spring and summer.  At my house, this means birthdays, trips to the beach, flowers in the garden, and everything with initials (not because initials and monograms have anything to do with summer-- I'm just really into them right now). Look for tees and other items with these summer inspired themes.  Or, if you have another theme in mind, just let me know.  

Here's the first shirt in the collection... meet Harold the Hippo

Harold the Hippo tee $18

Second sneak peek: No Parking A certain toddler in my life is obsessed with wheels-- trucks, trains, cars, big, little, it doesn't matter.  Expect several versions of wheeled items in the spring collection. 

No Parking tee $18

No parking tee (close up)

By request, I started making burp cloths.  What a fun baby gift!  This batch was a mix of school spirit, super baby, and traditional monograms (you know, for formal spit-up occasions.).  All burp cloth designs could be put on tees and vice versa.  Just ask!

Custom burp cloths
$30 set of 4

Monogram burp cloth
$8 each
$30 set of 4

Initial burp cloth
$8 each
$30 set of 4
Super Baby Initial burp cloth
$8 each
$30 set of 4

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